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Nov 18

Mattress Buying Guide – Are Box Springs Really Necessary

buy a mattress that give you comfort

A motor based power base for your mattress! The adjustable power bed bases make an amazing option which comes with features that allow you to change the position of your bed, and it also includes a massage feature. Box springs are a common type of bed base with a wooden frame containing either coiled springs …

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Nov 15

The Secret Revealed – The Best Time to Buy a Mattress

Something to Consider An average person sleeps for 8 hours, which is 1/3 of the day. Multiply that with the total number of days that are there in a person’s lifespan, and you will realize that we spend so much of our lives stretched out over the bed upon our mattresses. So ask yourself, don’t …

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Nov 12

A Definitive Guide on Twin Mattress Sizes and Measurements

With so many factors to consider while buying a mattress for a twin bed, one conveniently ignores the measurements. Appropriate measurements are not only important for your sleep and comfort but also for the overall look of your room. Like someone with a small bedroom should not be investing in a king size bed that …

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Nov 07

Tips on Buying a New Mattress That Every Smart Shopper Should Know

On the basis of your sleeping style and body structure, certain mattresses may prove more beneficial than others. In fact there are a host of mattresses for you to select from, even without specifications. Based on the Type of Mattress There are 3 types of mattresses for you to select from: Spring Mattress The core …

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