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Tips to Choose Right Shower Curtain

shower curtain ideas for slanted ceiling

Shower Curtain ideas- The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, but it does not mean easy to decorate. If you need shower curtain, there are many options available in the market. Shower curtain is used to prevent water from leaving the bath or shower area, but it is also used to maintain adequate bathroom. Choosing the right shower curtain for your bathroom by coordinating with the color and the hardware you already use.

First, look at how your current bathroom decorated and determine if you are satisfied with your bathroom look. Decide whether you want to match the Shower Curtain ideas to get what you already have or you want to try a new color theme of the whole room. Measure your bathroom by using a tape measure to determine the space width you want your shower curtain to be covered. Measure the length by using a tape measure to measure from the top of the area that you will put your rod down toward the floor with the length you want. The standard size of Shower Curtain ideas is 72 inches ‘’ 72 inches (182.88 cm). Decide how much you want to spend before you start shopping by looking for sales and coupons on the Internet.

Choose the materials of your shower curtain. You can decide whether you want to vinyl, polyester, cotton, or other decorative textiles.  Choose a color or pattern. Buy something that matches the decor of your bathroom, or if you re do your bathroom, buy something that matches the paint color, flooring, towels and bath accessories you have selected. Some shower curtains are made by waterproof fabrics to avoid using a curtain liner. However, a waterproof coating can wear off quickly, leaving your susceptible shower curtain. The shower curtain liner separates you from the water and your body. Many protective liners are from the mold proof. Buy a liner to fit the size of your Shower Curtain ideas.

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