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Wall Stickers for Bedrooms

Almost all wall stickers are removable and work in a variety of rooms around your home, apartment, office, restaurant, etc. Just as you would place a cool decal on your laptop, these stickers have similar functionalities on walls, windows, glass surfaces, and any other smooth surface around the house.

So, the first thing you need to do is research on different brands and designs available in the market. Also, depending on your preference and budget, choose a sticker that you believe will look absolutely smashing in your bedroom.

Wall Stickers – The Name Says It All
These stickers are like wallpaper which are applied on the walls. Their purpose is to give your room a new look. Because of its minimal cost and effort required, they are getting more and more popular with kids and adults. And why should it not be like that? It is easy to apply or remove than actual paint, and within few minutes, you can see your room transform into the one which you have always dreamed of. Just peel the stickers and put them on. The best part about this product is that you get the liberty to change the look of your room as you wish. You can also get these stickers for nursery, office, bathroom, kids’ rooms, and many other places.

The application procedure hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes. It does not require any expertise as they are simple and ready to use stickers, a perfect way to decorate your room indeed. You can choose from a variety of designs or you can run your imagination wild and design your own. There are also few other manufacturers that give you the freedom to customize a design.

Design Ideas to Consider
Depending on the room’s size, wall color(s), ambiance, and d�cor, pick a sticker design you favor the most. Remember, keeping the likes and opinions of the room’s resident is quite important.

What’s the Deal?
Mentioned below are a few aspects of these stickers which will help you understand their purpose much better.

1. Peel and Stick
It is so easy to use that even kids can help you with the task. All you have to do is peel the sticker and stick it on the desired wall.

2. Easy Removal
Along with easy application, the removal procedure is not that tough. While removing too, it leaves no marks whatsoever on your walls. Just use steam onto the sticker to loosen the adhesive, apply mineral oil to the edges where the sticker starts peeling off, and remove with your hands.

3. No Mess
Probably one of the most vital advantages, unlike painting, it does not require you to move your house stuff, nor does it require you to make rounds to the paint shop to choose your color.

4. Inexpensive
It is relatively a cost effective method to keep your room alive. The versatility which they give is remarkable too. The designs looks realistic to the core, because of the finish and materials they come in.

5. Personalize Your Room
It gives you the power to give a personal touch to your room. You can choose from various designs, colors, shapes, and themes. It also gives you the ability to change the look of your room as and when you wish.

6. Mix and Match
Try using a variety of combinations for the designs for your rooms. Let your creativity pour into it. You can give your bedroom a feel of being surrounded by the bushes by choosing a design reflecting the same . Also you can choose a design giving you a feeling of being at a beach or near a waterfall and so on. It totally depends on how you want your room to look like. For the children’s room you can choose designs of various shapes, designs like flowers, animals, outer space, etc.

7. Safe Surfaces
If you h ave painted your walls recently, wait at least 2 to 3 weeks before apply the sticker. On the other hand, if you’re not going to paint the walls, wipe them down with a dry cloth so that the dust and debris is cleared before the sticker goes up.

Decorating a bedroom with such stickers is a fun, cost effective, and genius way to transform its d�cor. You can get stickers for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom as you like. And the best part about it is that they are economical, simple, and safe. Ideal for dorm rooms and apartment dwellers, they give you the license to make your room looking like how you want it.


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